What are the side effects of spinal or epidural block?

The side effects of spinal blockage are: back pain, headache or difficulty urinating.
Other less common side effects are:
Bleeding or infections at the point where the injection was performed and, rarely, nerve damage.

What is manipulation under anesthesia ?
Some patients who have been immobilized for a long time and who have adhesive capsulitis have limited mobility.
The manipulation under anesthesia is a medical procedure in which the anesthesia is performed so that the patient can move the limb without feeling pain or stiffness.


What are the risks of anesthesia?

Nowadays, anesthesia is very safe. Occasionally, anesthesia can cause some complications (such as cardiac arrhythmia, respiratory problems, allergic reactions to medications and even death).
The risks depend on the type of procedure, the patient’s condition and the type of anesthesia used.
It is important that the patient talks to the doctor, the surgeon or the anesthesiologist so that they provide all the necessary information.

Generally, most complications can be prevented simply by providing the anesthesiologist with all the necessary information before the intervention:

  • The patient’s past and current clinical condition (which includes recent illnesses, such as flu and other illnesses such as night snoring or depression)
  • All medications (with or without a prescription), supplements and herbal remedies used by the patient.
  • Possible allergies, especially food allergies, allergies to drugs or latex.
  • If the person smokes, drinks alcohol or uses drugs.
  • Any reactions to the anesthesia that the patient or any member of his family has had.

To ensure maximum safety during surgery or during the medical procedure, it is extremely important that the patient responds honestly and in detail to all questions asked by the anesthesiologist. Even information that may seem useless to the patient may be essential to know how he reacts to anesthesia.

It is very important to respect the doctor’s recommendations about things that the patient should not do before the intervention.
The doctor is likely to tell the patient not to eat or drink (usually nothing to drink or eat after midnight the day before the operation) and it may be necessary for the patient to stop certain medications or supplements based on herbs for some time before surgery.