Janeiro Branco: encouraging mental health care

The January White campaign makes the first month of the year an alert. The objective is to mobilize society in favor of mental health , promoting social inclusion and the well-being of all.

The subject is still little discussed in comparison to other campaigns, such as the October Rose , but it has been receiving strong support from the Regional Psychology Councils.

The choice of the month and its color has an important meaning for the campaign.

The project takes advantage of the beginning of the year to encourage people to think about their lives and their purposes. At this time, which symbolizes a new beginning, many people are looking for help, whether professional or emotional – others need an incentive to take care of the mind.

White, on the other hand, also has a similar meaning, of something new, which still needs to be drawn or written.

The project has gained public empathy and gained momentum on social networks with the hashtags #VemPraSaudeMental and #TodosTemDireitoASaudeMental . However, the campaign started in 2014, in Minas Gerais, the year in which it promoted lectures in different spaces of the city.

Today Janeiro Branco has collaborators all over the country, and has the support of city councils and agencies that represent psychologists in Brazil.

The importance of caring for mental health

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) is increasingly engaged in warning about the increase in suicide, anxiety and depression rates , mental health continues to be little talked about in the public debate.

Many people still refuse to see a psychologist or psychiatrist because they are afraid of judgment. But it is worth remembering that taking care of the mind is taking care of health as a whole. Prejudice is the result of society itself, which formerly isolated people with mental illnesses and treated them with a certain negligence.

Not seeking psychological help can aggravate more and more the case of those who really need it. At the same time, it is important to prevent.

In addition to therapy and, in some cases, medication, following a healthy diet, having a physical exercise routine and meditating also helps in the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. All of these measures can improve the individual’s quality of life, in addition to bringing emotional balance.

Remember, mental health influences the body as a whole. Each emotion plays a different role in the human body, so it is important to look at yourself, in search of self-knowledge.

Even with the recent advances in medicine, it is important to keep the discussion about what mental health really is. And, mainly, not paying attention to the taboos that involve seeking medical help.

People need to be committed and responsible for building a healthier life, understanding that “who takes care of the mind takes care of life”.

For more information about the campaign, access here .

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