Hydration for dry hair: more health and less hair loss!

Hydration for dry hair is a constant concern for those who like to be always well cared for.

Maintaining the health of the wires, whether curly, straight, wavy and even chemically treated is essential.

So that information is never lacking when it comes to healthy hair, these tips can help!


Hydration for dry hair

It is very easy for the hair strands to dry out. Dryers, babyliss, flat iron, the very exposure to sunlight influence a lot in reducing the hydration of the hair.

There are a few ways on how to regain hair health. The main one is hydration with suitable products. There are several options and types of treatment available to be tested, approved and even disapproved by those who use them.

And as for every problem there is a solution, here we indicate some forms of hydration specific to the need of your hair.

With frizz

The frizz… those undesirable hairs that we can only solve by moisturizing!

In the hair replacement process, in addition to hydration, it is important that nutrition and reconstruction be done in stages.

Firstly, hydration, in which water is returned to the wires. To perform this process, natural glycerin is recommended.

After this first stage, comes nutrition, where the vitamins and oil needed for the hair strands are replaced and can be made with products containing oil (coconut / olive / avocado), butter (shea / cocoa / cupuaçu) and other components that moisturize.

And last but not least, reconstruction. Products containing hydrolyzed keratin, creatinine (protein) and minerals can be used . Making the proteins in your hair stabilized again.

Chemically treated

For chemically treated hair, it is important that hydration is done weekly.

Capillary reconstruction should also be part of this process. It replenishes the mass and keratin of the threads, and can be performed 1 or 2 times a month.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the right temperature when washing your hair. Very hot water can damage the hair, such as dryness and excessive oil. The ideal is to rinse in warm or cold water.

With fall

Before anything, it is recommended to find out the reason for the fall of the wires. It can be due to poor diet, stress , genetics and several other reasons.

But nothing that a good hydration to strengthen the wires does not solve!

During this process, oils such as rosemary , mint and coconut help in the nutrition and growth of the threads.

Aloe vera (aloe vera) can also be a good option. It regenerates and nourishes the hair, cleaning the hair follicles of fatty substances that prevent growth.


Bulky hair can suffer from dryness, becoming lifeless and heavy.

So, the process of replacing these nutrients occurs mainly in the choice of products for daily use, such as shampoo, masks and conditioners.

Therefore, when buying these products, choose those that can nourish the threads together with any other benefit, such as fall protection or anti-waste, that he has.

Homemade hydration for dry and brittle hair

There are many causes for hair to become dry and brittle. Among them, discoloration, excessive use of devices that emit heat (flat iron, babyliss) and even food with a lack of nutrients.

A dry and brittle hair can be identified by the fact of its dull appearance, split ends and with little elasticity.

And as hydrated hair is anyone’s desire, it is linked to these homemade tips that super fit in your pocket!

It is important to remember that homemade recipes can help, however, there are products that are more intended for this, not also replacing the guidance of professionals in hair or dermatologists.

With Maizena

Corn starch, in addition to being present in the preparation of some foods, can help hydrate hair. Some homemade recipes point out that the results of this recipe are the greatest care with the tips and removal of oiliness.

Step by step for preparation and application:

  • Mix two tablespoons of cornstarch with 250mL of water;
  • Put on the fire and stir until it dissolves, leaving it with a certain consistency;
  • Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool;
  • Add a spoon of moisturizing mask, 10mL of liquid Bepantol (optional) and 10mL of vegetable oil.

Apply all over the hair and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes. Then just rinse.

With aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera is a great option for those who want to nourish hair strands.

Step by step for preparation and application:

  • Add two tablespoons of aloe gel to a teaspoon of vegetable oil, such as avocado ;
  • Mix well;
  • Let it acts for 30 minutes;
  • Apply the mask prepared over the entire hair;
  • Rinse.

It is recommended to let the hair dry naturally, but if you prefer, use the dryer at low temperature.

You can perform both procedures when you feel the need for hydration in your hair.

Does hydration help split ends?

Yes. It serves to replenish the liquid and nutrients in the hair. The most recommended hydration masks are those that contain vitamin A and E. They are also valid those that have aloe vera and panthenol in their composition, as they help to recover and hydrate the hair fiber.

In addition to hydration, capillary moistening is recommended. In this process, the treatment is based on vegetable oil, thus strengthening the health that the threads need.

This tip is very special for those who have curly hair, since the natural oil coming from the root does not reach the ends, because of the curl of the curl.

The concern with having well-maintained hair is part of the daily lives of many people. Therefore, understanding how this process can be carried out in a simple way, with homemade tips and specifics of your hair contributes a lot in the realization of this process.

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