More expensive remedies starting in April: how to save?

Almost 5%. This is the approximate value of the increase in drug prices in 2019.

The increase, which starts to take effect on the 1st of April, happens every year and is determined by the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (CMED).

For this year, the expectation is that the drugs will reach values ​​4.46% higher. Compared to previous years, the readjustment can be considered low – in 2016, prices rose up to 12.5%.

In pharmacies and drugstores, the new prices must be fixed gradually, as stocks are being replaced.

But while it is impossible to evade increases, the good news is that there are ways to save. Read the information below and learn how!


How much more will my medicine cost in 2019?

Although the real rate of readjustment in 2019 has not yet been confirmed by the Ministry of Health, it is known that it will be between 4% to 5%.

But when it comes to percentage, it may seem difficult to identify what the real impact of this increase is on the pocket.

So, here are some practical examples, considering the maximum readjustment value for this year (5%):


The medicine Puran T4 , which today costs, on average, R $ 30, will now cost up to R $ 31.50.

  • The drug Donaren , priced around R $ 70, can reach a value of up to R $ 73.50.

And for those who have monthly expenses in pharmacies, the impact on the pocket can be even more expressive. For example, if the expenses with medications are, on average, R $ 500 every month, as of April they can reach R $ 525.

How to save?

Considering that there is still a week left before the price readjustment, advancing purchases at the pharmacy may seem like a good idea, isn’t it?

Certain medications, especially those used to treat chronic conditions, can be purchased in advance.

It is possible to circumvent the increase even if the drug requires a prescription, as is the case with antidepressants. To do this, just talk to the doctor in charge and advance the prescription.

Other tips for spending less time buying medicine include:

Compare prices and take advantage of discounts

The consultation Remedies , site online pharmacy price comparison, it can be a great alternative economy. In the pre-discharge week of medicines , which takes place between March 25th and 31st , it is possible to find lower prices through offers from pharmacies from all over Brazil: Droga Raia , Drogasil , Drogaria São Paulo and Panvel .

Discounts on some medications can reach more than 60% during the campaign, as is the case with Atorvastatin Calcium. Check out some more offers for this week:

Even with tools like this, you can save all year!


NEVER self-medicate or stop using a medication without first consulting a doctor.

Stay tuned to PMC

Did you know that there is a price limit for most medicines? It is called the Maximum Consumer Price, or PMC.

This means that pharmacies and drugstores cannot charge more than the PMC determined by CMED (the same body that defines the annual adjustment).

To find out what this value is, you can consult the ANVISA website , which provides an updated list of medicines every month. When faced with any irregularity, you can report the case to ANVISA.

Evaluate the alternatives

Talking about generic drugs may not be new, especially if you already spend with medicine every month.

What few know is that generics have the same active ingredient, dose, pharmaceutical form and therapeutic indication of the reference drug (the one with a brand). That is, in general, they will have the same effectiveness.

When buying this type of drug, the savings can be up to 35%.

However, this exchange is not always possible. It is important that you talk to your doctor and evaluate the alternatives according to your needs.

The use of medication is not always a choice. Thus, spending on pharmacy is part of the routine of many Brazilians. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of prices helps the consumer to have more purchasing decision power.