Hibiscus tea slims? Understand how it acts in the body

Research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, of the International Society of Ethnopharmacology, points out that the daily consumption of hibiscus tea favors the elimination of fats and the consequent weight loss .

According to research, the drink can reduce adipogenesis, which is the conversion of cells capable of accumulating fats. That is, the body tends to store less lipid cells in the regions of the hip and abdomen.

A review study published in the Brazilian Journal of Obesity , Nutrition and Weight Loss, in 2017, points out agreement on the diuretic and slimming effect of hibiscus in patients who use corticosteroid medications.

In a recent survey, patients who started using hibiscus tea in order to monitor the weight-reducing action of the drink were evaluated. The result showed that after 14 weeks, there was a significant decrease in the abdominal circumference and in the weight of the majority of the candidates followed up.

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Thus, one of the most sought after functions in hibiscus tea is weight reduction and measures. Due to the diuretic action, appetite suppressant, thermogenic and aiding digestion, the drink has already been tested and approved by celebrities.

Fernanda Souza and Bruna Marquezine have already announced that they are adept at hibiscus combined with good food and physical activity to maintain good shape. In fact, in 2014 Fernanda Souza bet on the plant to help define the silhouette.

There are several ways to include the drink in your daily life, either following a more restricted menu or consuming it frequently throughout the day.

It is worth remembering that diets and dietary changes must always be indicated and monitored by a nutritionist or nutrologist, especially if there is a restriction in food intake.

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