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5 Tips to Helping a Friend In College

College life is a sudden leap from childhood-where everything is dictated and familiar, to adulthood – where you have to make new rules, new choices, and new friends away from home. While some people embrace this change and cope blissfully, others find the transition difficult and struggle to fit in.

Whether you’re finding college easy or challenging, a set of real friends will make the coping more manageable. Your responsibility to your college friend is to be there when he needs you.

The below five tips will guide you in living up to the proverb of, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” to your friend.

5 Tips to Help a College Friend

  1. Listen Without Interrupting

When your friend is opening up about an issue, give a listening ear without offering advice unless he requests for it. In many cases, people already know what they need to do in various situations and only want to air their grief to a sympathetic ear.

  1. Let Your Availability be Known

Communicating with your college friend that you’ll always be there when they need you can increase their confidence in your reliability. Be the kind of a person that is dependable to keep such a promise. Let them know when you’re available if they need to chat or hangout.

  1. Be Patient With Your Friend

One day is not enough to resolve some emotional problems. If your college friend keeps coming to you about the same issue, be patient with them without losing concentration. Think of a way that you can help them and ask the right questions to understand their predicament better.

  1. Seek Professional Help If You Need To

In cases where your friend is involved with drug abuse or any form of self-harm, do not shy away from seeking help on their behalf. There are chances that they’ll be mad at you for this but your concern and priority is first and foremost their wellbeing. Once they recover, they’ll be grateful you took action.

  1. Just Offer a Helping Hand

Do not always wait to be asked for help. Be the first person to offer it. Some issues could be too embarrassing to ask, but they stress nevertheless. Offer a lift if they need to be somewhere. Grab lunch with them once in a while and pay for it. These little selfless acts can build a strong bond that’ll last beyond college.


Your college friend does not need a supervisory body to pick him up every time he’s falling.  There’s also a high chance he doesn’t want a replica of his home in college either. Being a true friend is striking a balance between smothering with attention and being dependable.

Although college comes with its challenges, none is long lasting or without a solution. If your college friend needs help, offer what you can but be ready to seek further help if the matter is too severe. After all, that’s what friends are for.