Health problems caused by poor posture

In addition to causing pain, poor posture is responsible for several spinal problems, which worsen according to the frequency and time the person is in an inadequate posture. This can cause pain not only in the spine, but in the muscles and joints.

Postural problems have mainly affected people who spend many hours sitting at work, or teenagers and children who hardly mind sitting correctly. It is important to note that even excess weight in backpacks and bags can be harmful to the health of the spine.

Lordosis , scoliosis and kyphosis are some of the most known problems for people who suffer from postural problems. The natural line of the spine is altered and tends to have its most pronounced curvature (lordosis), which can happen even laterally (scoliosis). In the case of kyphosis, this change occurs through the hollow of the column. With the right posture all of these problems can be avoided.


Physiotherapists indicate that the best position for those who work is to sit with the spine forming a 90º angle. The feet should always be supported on the floor, so that the spine and muscles are not forced in the wrong way.


It is important that when carrying weight, it is divided on both sides of the body, because whenever any physical effort is made, care must be taken not to harm health. Correct posture can prevent spinal problems such as kyphosis, scoliosis and even lordosis.

Tips to avoid problems caused by poor posture:

Practice sports. Strengthening the muscles prevents different types of injuries;

Stretch whenever possible. When stretching is done frequently, the feeling of well-being is greater, which contributes to the increase in the disposition in daily life;

Remember the importance of relaxing. A tense person tends to have more muscle pain.