Headache remedy: homemade and sold at the pharmacy

At the purse or at home, people often have a headache remedy .

Regardless of the intensity or the causes, it is difficult to find someone who has never suffered from a headache attack (medical term for the symptom).

Be it a tension headache, a hangover or a migraine , this is a symptom that causes a lot of discomfort and disrupts our day to day in an even debilitating way.

To deal with the problem, in addition to the use of medications, people can also resort to home remedies, as there are some tips and tricks that can help provide relief from pain.

Check out the following text on how to treat headaches:


Which medicine is good for headache?

The headache, or headache, can have different causes and therefore the indicated remedies may change depending on the need of each person, as in the case of moderate pain, due to hangover or migraine. In addition to varying the dosage, there may be some contraindications, such as in cases of pregnancy.

Weak or moderate pain

Headache when it is weaker or more moderate is considered as a type of tension headache. The person who has this pain has a feeling of a heavy or pressed head.

It is a very uncomfortable pain, but it is not considered debilitating.

That is, when the person is experiencing this discomfort, he is still able to perform daily activities and, generally, without having other symptoms.

To treat this pain, there are some commonly used remedies.

They are mostly composed of active ingredients such as acetylsalicylic acid , Paracetamol , Ibuprofen , Isometeptene + Sodium Dipyrone + Caffeine , Dipyrone Monohydrate + Orphenadrine Citrate + Anhydrous Caffeine , for example.

Some options are:

  • Dorflex tablet and drops ;
  • Advil;
  • Tylenol;
  • Aspirin ;
  • Doril ;
  • Neosaldina .

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Headache is a very common symptom in people with a hangover.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can leave the person with debilitating pain, feeling pangs and a strong pressure on the head. Loud noises can also make the symptom even more intense.

For this pain, the most commonly recommended medications are Aspirin and other painkillers already mentioned above. The consumption of liquids, to restore hydration in the body, can also help.

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Migraine is a chronic headache that can happen accompanied by other symptoms, such as nausea, sensitivity to light, redness and watery eyes.

To help treat this more severe pain, the medications prescribed may be in higher dosages or specific for migraine.

It is important that patients talk to a neurologist to understand how it is possible to treat and prevent migraine attacks.

Some of the drugs that can be prescribed are:

  • Sumax;
  • Cefaliv ;
  • Cefalu ;
  • Paracetamol;
  • Migraliv ;
  • Zomig;
  • Naramig ;
  • Enxak .

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How to relieve headache in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the use of medications should be done according to the doctor’s prescription. Care needs to be redoubled so that the health of the pregnant woman and the baby is not affected due to a possible drug interaction or adverse reaction.

In very high doses, for example, there may be damage to the liver.

When the headache is not as severe, the use of some home remedies may be enough to help bring relief.

However, if the pain is severe and does not pass with these more natural prescriptions, the doctor can recommend pharmacological treatments to the pregnant woman. In most cases, a pain reliever, such as Paracetamol , is prescribed .

What to do to get a bad headache?

When the headache is severe and does not go away even after the medication, the ideal is to seek medical help to understand the cause of the problem. The neurology professional is the most suitable.

It is also important to understand that the medicine is a way to bring immediate pain relief, but it is not a cure .

In the case of a severe migraine headache, for example, immediately, patients can resort to the medications previously prescribed by the doctor, such as the examples cited (Cefalium, Naramig, Migraliv etc.).

Until the medication takes effect, the patient can also use some tips that provide relief:

  • Consumption of teas;
  • Fria tablet;
  • Warm baths;
  • Massages at the site of pain;
  • Rest in a quiet, quiet and dark place.

Eating healthy and every 3 hours, practicing physical activities, having quality sleep and leading a stress- free life are also ways to prevent headaches.

Home remedies for headache

In some milder and more moderate cases, home remedies for headaches are sufficient to alleviate the problem. They can also be complementary to drug treatment, increasing the patient’s well-being.

Fria tablet

Using cold compresses on the forehead and neck can help relieve headache. This happens because of the cold, which causes a reduction in the dilation of blood vessels, easing the pain. To do this, leave the compress in place for 5 to 15 minutes.


Citrus fruit teas are good for helping to relieve headaches as they have some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and substances, such as flavonoids. They are considered natural remedies for helping to alleviate the symptom.

When the headache is caused by anxiety and stress, for example, teas such as chamomile and capim-santo can be indicated. They help to reduce tension, and can make the person more relaxed.

It is worth remembering that the use of teas or other homemade recipes does not dispense with the need for a medical diagnosis and should not replace the prescribed treatments.


To provide a sense of relief, people can massage with fingertips at the temples, top of the head and neck.

With circular movements, they should press lightly on the region and keep the movements for a few minutes.

This type of massage can help to reduce tension and make the person more relaxed. However, in people who have a very bad headache or have a migraine attack it may not have this effect.

Just as important as treating and seeking immediate headache relief is finding out the cause of this symptom.

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