New nose in minutes: electric current can be an option

In addition to the biological functions that the nose plays, the aesthetic part of the “face center” is also important for many people. Some imperfections even take millions of people to plastic surgery offices.

Now, scientists believe that these aesthetic imperfections can be corrected with electric currents and a needle.

They suggest that the cartilage (tip of the nose or ears, for example) can be shaped into the shape the patient wants.

The process is simple: the needles send shocks to the cartilage allowing the modeling to be done. When the desired shape is sculpted, just remove the needles and let it harden again.

The procedure would take just a few minutes and would be highly successful, say the doctors.

In addition to cosmetic surgery on the nose, this same procedure can be used to treat injuries to the eyes (on the cornea) or on tense and atrophied tendons.

Despite the optimism, the correction is still under study and there have been no tests on humans.

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Currently, the option is rhinoplasty

Today, the most common nose remodeling is rhinoplasty. With this process, you can change the size, width or tip of the nose.

Rhinoplasty can be done from the age of 13, as long as the patient does not smoke and is physically healthy. In some cases, laboratory tests may be ordered before surgery.

When you go through this procedure, you run some risks, such as permanent breathing difficulties, cartilage problems, excessive bleeding, scarring and infections.

Before doing the procedure, ask the doctor what the risks are, the benefits, what the procedure and recovery will be like.

Nose reshaping is an aesthetic procedure that, if done wrong, can cause damage to health and beauty. Only perform surgical procedures with trained doctors.