Elderly suffer more from dehydration than younger people

Do you know when the urge to drink water hits? So, do not wait until later or do not wait for the urge to pass, as it is important to always be hydrated for a good functioning of the human body.

That is why the simple act of not drinking water can result in a serious problem, dehydration. Low fluid intake affects the entire body and causes several functions to be compromised, causing a shortage of mineral salts and putting your health at risk.

Not to mention that this condition is especially dangerous for children and the elderly.

Based on this, a study published in SAGE Open Nursing assessed the rate of older people who ingest the correct amount of fluids. The result showed that the elderly had more cases of dehydration compared to younger adults.

In addition, the researchers also noted that dehydration in this group is greatest during the morning.

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How was the study done?

Scientists at the University of California in the USA followed a group of 53 people, aged 65 and over.

From there, they used a method called Osmolality , which checks the number of natural chemicals in saliva, which can be an indicator of the amount of water present in the body.


And then the results came up, as we said above: the elderly had more rates of dehydration than younger people, and this problem was mainly in those who had mobility problems, such as walking.

In addition to low autonomy (which can be a factor in reducing water intake), some elderly people pointed out that they stopped drinking water in order not to have to go to the bathroom at night.

Dehydrated seniors are more prone to disease

Low fluid intake puts the body in a state of dehydration, which, for long periods, can make patients more susceptible to disease.

That’s because, for example, if they are exposed to bacteria or viruses, the immune system has a harder time fighting the agents.

Therefore, a simple act of not drinking water can bring serious problems to people’s lives.

Dehydration is a serious health problem and we are all subject to it.

So, drinking plenty of water, especially on hot days or during physical activities, is essential.