Eating before bed may be linked to obesity, says study

Many people still have doubts as to whether it is allowed to eat before bed and some say that eating before going to bed can put on weight.

Well, we cannot deny that during the night, even though our body continues to consume energy, the amount spent is much less when compared to the day.

So, it is likely that if we eat at night, there is more tendency to put on weight. But is all this really true?

According to a new study, presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Endocrinology in New Orleans, the answer is yes , eating before bed can contribute to weight gain.

Sleep, physical activity and food

It was these 3 habits that the scientists monitored in each of the 31 overweight and obese adults participating in the study, taking into account the amount of time they slept, the practice of physical exercises and the time of eating.

The eating behavior of the participants was, on average, quite similar, as they ate over 11 hours during the day and slept for 7 hours.

The difference was that those who used to eat later also went to sleep later, even though the amount of hours of rest was the same: 7 hours.

Based on these results, the researchers realized that participants who ate later had a higher body fat index.

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Weight gain and obesity

By the year 2025, an estimated 2.3 billion people are overweight, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

These numbers can be directly linked to cases of obesity, considering that not all people have a routine that involves physical activities.

Several factors are associated, but eating habits and physical inactivity are the most associated with being overweight.

Food has a strong role in the balance. For this reason, attention to nutrients and dish choices is essential.