Drowsiness and fatigue are two different concepts. 
A sleepy person struggles to stay awake and keep their eyes open. 
The fatigue can be felt even when the individual is alert and do not sleep.

Children, adults and the elderly often suffer from drowsiness and fatigue because of lifestyle because:

  • They get up after eight in the evening  and go to bed late,
  • They eat foods that disturb sleep,
  • They drink a lot of stimulating drinks , like coffee and tea. After drinking these substances, the person has more energy, but when the effect disappears the body becomes more tired than before.

Drowsiness can be dangerous, especially when driving.


Causes of continuous daytime drowsiness

Circadian Rhythm
Sleep disorders are among the main reasons for drowsiness, for example:

These diseases do not allow rest regardless of how long the individual stays in bed. 
During the day, the individual:

  • He gets tired,
  • He feels dizzy,
  • Has difficulty concentrating .

Disruption of the circadian rhythm (biological clock) can be caused by:

1. Night shifts, 
2. Time zone 
change , 3. Station change (spring drowsiness is caused by increased sunshine hours), 
4. Stay up late.

Psychological disorders 
Depression , anxiety , etc., can cause insomnia and therefore perennial drowsiness during the day because of the sense of moral despair. 
The affected person feels inactive physically and mentally, moreover appears inert and resigned.

Some illnesses can give a sensation of daytime sleepiness, for example:

  • Hyperthyroidism ,
  • Hypothyroidism ,
  • Anemia and leukemia ,
  • Kidney disease,
  • Heart disease (eg, heart failure ),
  • Liver disease (such as cirrhosis ),
  • Brain injury,
  • Restless legs syndrome (pathology that causes the need to move during sleep),
  • Pre-menstrual tension occurs a few days after ovulation and before the start of the menstrual cycle ,
  • Deficiency of vitamins D and B12 ,
  • An advanced malignant tumor,
  • A side effect of medicines, for example:
    • Descon for colds ,
    • Psychotropic medications,
    • Narcotics.


Pregnancy and excessive drowsiness

During pregnancy it is quite normal to feel drowsy during the day. 
Most women suffer from this disorder from the start of pregnancy until about the tenth week. 
Among the causes is the increase in the level of the hormone progesterone in the first trimester. 
The causes of insomnia may be: 
1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease at night, 
2. Frequent urination at night, 
3. Anxiety or stress .



Postprandial fatigue (after eating)

Tiredness and drowsiness after a heavy meal are normal.

Kind of food:

  • Foods like oats and whole wheat are digested slowly, but they can quench hunger for a few hours. However,  cereals that contain gluten can cause digestive problems and insomnia. Many people who eat pizza at dinner can not sleep at night.
  • On the contrary, processed foods, sweets and foods with white refined carbohydrates are digested and absorbed immediately. 
    Since these foods do not contain enough nutrients, the effect is a temporary energy sensation, followed by fatigue and drowsiness.
  • Wine can cause drowsiness, especially red wine.


Amount and time of meals:

The large meals can cause drowsiness, especially if they contain processed, fatty and heavy foods, for example meat. 
The indigestion can cause:

A lunch of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and fruits (hazelnuts, nuts, etc.):

It is advisable to divide meals into five or six small meals a day.

Many people believe they should have a hearty breakfast early enough , but in fact, it is better to simply drink a lemonade on waking up and wait to eat late in the morning. 
The human body is programmed to perform the functions at fixed times. 
For example:

  • At night the body assimilates  the food eaten during the day while we sleep.
  • In the early morning the body is programmed for elimination through bowel movement  because the large intestine has its maximum functioning. Citrus fruits (especially lemon) can promote intestinal activity; Alternatively, you can eat fruits rich in liquid such as melon and watermelon.
  • At noon, you must eat the most important meal of the day, abundant and rich in protein. According to hygienism (ideal lifestyle theory), lunch should be the first meal of the day. You should avoid eating after eight o’clock at night because at this point the nutrient assimilation phase begins.

Allergies and food intolerances: fatigue and fatigue can be caused by certain food allergies , for example:

People who eat foods to which they are allergic or intolerant may also suffer from:


Causes of sudden fatigue

Any type of disease is directly or indirectly linked to tiredness and fatigue. 
Among the causes of sudden drowsiness are:

  • Overwork and stress ,
  • Insomnia ,
  • Hypoglycemia,
  • Anemia,
  • Side effects of medications,
  • Caffeine addiction,
  • Alcohol abuse ,
  • Anxiety and depression ,
  • Gripe,
  • Hypothyroidism,
  • Serious diseases like liver failure , kidney disorders and cancer.

Children may experience drowsiness and tiredness after taking a hexavalent or influenza vaccine. 
It is a normal reaction, but it is necessary to seek a doctor immediately if the child has other symptoms such as:


Sleepiness in the morning upon waking

Diet and diet
A diet lacking the essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) can cause fatigue and drowsiness in the morning. 
Nutrition of the body with essential nutrients is a requirement to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Thyroid problems
An insufficient level of thyroid hormones is the sign of diseases such as:

The consequence can be tiredness in the morning even after sleeping 7/8 hours.

The main cause of morning drowsiness is  insomnia or sleeping a few hours. 
It is advisable to go to bed early.

Who suffers from anemia has few erythrocytes ( low hematocrit ) in the body. 
The red blood cells contain hemoglobin that serves to carry oxygen to the various parts of the body. 
Anemia can cause:

A hangover causes:

  1. Headaches,
  2. Muscle aches ,
  3. Vertigo or dizziness ,
  4. Fatigue.

Pregnancy causes:

  • Insomnia (the woman wakes up at night to urinate),
  • Nausea in the morning.

The consequence is morning drowsiness. 
At the end of pregnancy (9th month) drowsiness increases, fatigue persists and legs become heavy .


Sleep at work

The reasons for drowsiness in the workplace are: 
1. A heavy lunch. 
2. Insomnia. 
3. Sleep-wake cycle. Generally, there are two periods of the day when we feel sleepy: at night and in the early afternoon. 
4. Some medications, such as:


Natural Remedies for Drowsiness

The easiest way to stay alert and rested during the day is to sleep 7 to 9 hours a night.

If rest at night is not enough, it is recommended to try the following suggestions:

  • Cold water
    To stay awake during the afternoon, it is possible to drink a glass of cold water . 
    This will refresh the body and mind. 
    It is also possible to try to wash the face.
  • Avoid a heavy lunch
    It is advisable to start the day with an abundant and healthy breakfast that gives enough energy throughout the day. To avoid drowsiness in the afternoon it is advised to eat few foods at lunch and not combine foods high in protein with those high in carbohydrates. 
    It is best to eat only when the person feels hungry. In addition, it is recommended to eat after the previous meal has been digested.
  • The strong smells  and fresh can give less drowsiness. 
    Essential oils can have an energizing effect on the body. 
    It is advisable to pour a few drops of essential oil into a bowl containing water and place it on the table to inhale the aroma. 
    Another solution is to pour a few drops into a tissue and smell it. 
    Among the most useful essential oils are: 
    1. Eucalyptus, 
    2. Peppermint , 
    3. Thymus, 
    4. Rosemary, 
    5. Citronella.
  • The chewing gum or candy to help stay awake.
  • Put a plant in a pot on the table. 
    The green color has a stimulating effect on the senses.
  • Lighting  – It is very important to work in a well-lit room.
  • monotonous job causes loss of enthusiasm and more drowsiness. 
    If a person is sleepy while reading or studying, it is recommended to take a walk outdoors.
  • Staying seated for a long time can cause drowsiness after lunch and in the afternoon.
  • To improve blood circulation and wake up is enough:
    • Do some simple stretching or gym exercises .
    • A quick massage can relieve muscle tension and help overcome fatigue. 
      Massage the back of the neck, temples and forehead.
  • Caffeine – beverages containing caffeine (eg coffee and tea) help keep you awake, but excessive energy drinks are not recommended because the effect lasts only a few hours.

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