Dog clothes: what is it for and how to choose

Dogs are so present in many people’s lives and are often considered to be members of the family.

Therefore, more and more, brands and clothing brands are also concerned with developing and marketing clothes and accessories for the animals.

To ensure more comfort to your pet, when buying clothes, have the measurements of the neck, chest and paws at hand. This will be essential to choose the right and comfortable model.


What is the dog clothes for?

In general, they serve to warm the pets, but can be to make them more stylish, as long as they are comfortable.

Some dog breeds do not need clothes to keep warm. In fact, they already have a natural protection against the cold: the hair.

For this reason, it is recommended that medium and large dogs are only wrapped in tissues if they are showing signs of a lower body temperature (such as shaking or snouts, paws and cold ears).

On the other hand, dogs of smaller or lesser breeds need protection when temperatures are low.

This protection, however, does not have to be synonymous with clothing. The puppy may simply prefer to be under a blanket instead of wearing a clothes, for example.

It is important to respect the dog’s will: clothes should be put on if the animal shows that it likes this type of comfort.

Putting clothes on pets you don’t like can have some consequences:

  • The dog may try to remove the fabric and end up hurting himself or hanging himself;
  • The animal may become agitated and have sudden increases in body temperature (hyperthermia);
  • The pet may become more stressed and angry than normal.

To avoid this, the correct thing is to do the test. Try to put a wider outfit on your pet and see how it reacts.

If you like it, you are free to use other clothes. If you don’t like it, respect the wishes of your little friend, without forgetting to appreciate the comfort of the animal.

Types and models to choose from

If your little friend likes to wear clothes, the ideal is to always check if they are not too tight or bothering you.

Keep in mind that, in general, dogs are active animals that like to run, jump and play.

Some tips can help you choose the best clothes for your pet:

  • If the puppy is very agitated, avoid bows, stones and small objects. This can cause these accessories to fall off or, worse, the dog to pull out and swallow them;
  • Antiallergenic fabrics are suitable for all breeds of dogs. They tend to prevent pets from developing allergies or problems with their skin and hair;
  • Avoid long sleeves. They can disrupt the dog’s steps and cause him to trip, slide or lose his balance;
  • It is important that the outfit has a slit in the back of the dog’s body. So, he can do his needs without soiling the fabric. This space must also be adapted so that the dog’s tail can stay out, without disturbing him.

Fashion trends are also determined by the size and size of the animal, as these factors are extremely important for the well-being of the pet.


Large dogs may have a little more difficulty adapting. But, with clothes of the right size and a little patience, it is possible that they will start to like the accessory.

Generally, they combine with warm clothing (covering the legs) or tank tops that involve only the animal’s trunk.


Small dogs tend to need clothes, as they are more vulnerable and prone to pneumonia and flu .

Therefore, these animals combine with warmer fabrics and longer clothes.

But that doesn’t stop them from wearing tank tops, dresses and other pieces, as long as they like and feel comfortable.


During childhood, dogs can be trained to wear clothes. So, when they grow up, they will be used to it.

If they are very cute, you can still enjoy and put all the accessories, since they still tend to stay asleep.

On the other hand, if they are older and like to play (like any healthy puppy), accessories can be left aside to facilitate the pet’s movement.

The use of dog clothes should only be done if he likes this fashion. The Healthy Minute brings other information about the pet world . Follow our posts!