Dog accessory: see what you have to buy for the pet

The arrival of a puppy at home can raise many doubts, especially if it is your first experience with a pet . You may ask yourself questions like: what do I need to buy for my new friend?

This text will help you to know what is necessary to have at home for your dog and what are the important accessories for each size (big, small, etc.). Check out:


What to buy for the dog?

The pet shops are full of items (food, medicines, clothes) and there are lots of each. They vary according to color, model and price. Some more modern and others more simple, there are options for all tastes and needs of the animal.

We have separated some essential items and some options to provide guidance when shopping for your puppy:


The collar is one of the first items that most people think of buying. Of course it is very important, after all, you will want to take your friend for a walk.

There are different types of collars available, to choose the right the ideal is that you look for a veterinarian, he will know which is the best for your dog. This is because they vary according to the size and even the weight of the animal.

Some of the models available on the market are:

  • FreeFaro Anti-pull dog chest : ideal for dogs that pull a lot when walking, which is common in larger breeds. In addition, it is adjustable on the chest, neck and back, providing greater comfort;
  • Dog Collar Dog27 : this is a neck collar, ideal for puppies that are already used to the walk. It is adjustable and can be used by small breeds (pinscher, German spitz) up to large breeds (German shepherd, golden retriever);
  • Dog collar FreeFaro H : it is a very resistant and comfortable collar for the dog, since it involves only the trunk, not the neck. It is available in sizes from P to G.

In addition to strollers, there are also models for other purposes, such as the Scented Collar . As the name suggests, it aims to leave your puppy scented for longer (can last up to 3 months).

This collar does not need to be removed in the bath, and it also contains anti-flea action.


It is quite common to see puppies walking around with clothes, especially in winter, to protect them from the cold. But there are also clothes just to make the pet stylish, like small capes or dresses.

It is worth mentioning that it is important that the animal is feeling comfortable with the clothes.

It is always best to take a test. To do this, put on the clothes and see if the dog acts normally, but if he gets very agitated or tries to take off, the ideal is not to force. In that case, opt for a blanket for him on the coldest days.

In addition, some breeds do not need clothes to keep warm, as they have hair to defend themselves from low temperatures. Large dogs also tend to have a higher body temperature.

If in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

Drinking fountains and feeders

Drinkers and feeders could not be left out of the list. This is because they are essential for feeding your puppy. It seems like a simple task, but there are some precautions that must be taken into account when buying.

For example, did you know that it is not completely safe to use pots made of plastic or aluminum? So it is.

Studies show that plastic feeders and drinkers release petrochemicals into the water. Also, when washed in hot water, plastic releases Bisphenol A – an organic compound associated with diabetes , cancer and other chronic diseases.

Aluminum pots can also be considered harmful, as they release aluminum in water and food, which intoxicates the animal in the long run.

In addition, both have a common problem: when they suffer scratches or cracks, bacteria and other microorganisms accumulate in the cracks, which can be very harmful to the pet .

With that in mind, the best option is to use ceramic, glass or stainless steel pots. They do not release harmful substances and are also easier to sanitize. As an example, we have:

  • Chalesco Inox feeder: this feeder / waterer can be used by dogs of different sizes, as it is available in 4 sizes. Just choose the ideal size for your dog and rest assured that it will be safe against bacteria.


Toys are great fun for most dogs, although there are those who like more peace of mind.

But if your pet is agitated and likes to play, having some at home can help him to be distracted and even expend energy if he is one of those tireless puppies.

There are a multitude of options when it comes to choosing a new toy for your dog, from the ones that serve for you to have fun together as well as those that serve to distract yourself. Check out some:

  • Pro-Canine Ball : in addition to making your little friend happy, it helps to clean and strengthen your teeth;
  • Pro-Canine Rope Toy : it is a rope, with a soft toy hanging. It can be thrown to the dog or hung anywhere it can reach, so that it can play alone;
  • Toy for Pet Latoy : this is a very common toy to distract the pet , because when it squeezes it makes a little noise and is soft, not causing damage to the animal’s teeth.

Hygiene items

It is very important to keep your pet always clean. This avoids some health problems, in addition to making him happier and more comfortable.

Some people choose to take the dog to the petshop whenever they need to bathe, others do this procedure at home. But to do that, you need to have the right products.

And always seek guidance to do everything in the safest way for your little friend. In case of doubt, you should consult a veterinarian.

Some options for hygiene items you can have at home are:

  • Pro-Canine Dry Bath ;
  • Cologne Oh My Dog! The Smirosinho ;
  • Veterinary Moisturizing Cream ;
  • Pro-Canine Soap ;
  • Shampoo Antipulgas MagDog ;
  • Virbac Episoothe conditioner ;
  • Micodine Veterinary Shampoo .

What accessories is important to have at home?

In addition to the basic items, such as feeders and drinking fountains, there are also some extra accessories, such as seat belts for transportation in the car. Let’s see what changes according to the size of the dog and the type of coat:

Puppy or small dog

It is quite normal for small dogs to stay indoors, which makes it necessary for them to have items such as hygienic carpet, for example. Or, if your puppy is not yet trained, you can use health educators .

Since they will be constantly in the home, for health reasons, the ideal is that they have a single place to do their needs. In addition, having items that help with odor control can also be very useful.

We have separated some products that can help. Check out:

  • Dog Sec Toilet Rug ;
  • Mili Dog Toilet Rug ;
  • Premium Chalesco Hygienic Rug ;
  • Pro-Canine Premium Hygienic Rug ;
  • Sanol Dog odor eliminator ;
  • Agener Hysteril disinfectant and odor eliminator .


In the case of larger dogs, you can also take some extra care.

For example, depending on the size of your dog and even the breed, it may be necessary that he uses a muzzle for walks. This is because many are considered too angry or even dangerous.

So, considering that there are laws attesting to this requirement, it is essential that you are prepared to have no problems when going out with your dog.

In addition, you may want to invest in bones (suitable for dogs) to help your pet’s oral health , strengthening and even cleaning the animal’s teeth.

Short hair

When it comes to shorthaired dogs, you don’t need to be very specific. Just pay attention to the usual needs.

For example, as mentioned, it is common for puppies to wear clothes – especially those with short coats. This is because they are more likely to suffer from low temperatures.

However, it is worth noting if there are any extra accessories that your puppy may need.

For the long

Long-haired dogs, in general, need extra attention. Just as our hair needs care, so does the animal’s coat.

For example, embarrassed hair can cause not only an aesthetic problem, but also discomfort for your pet .

Thus, the main accessory for these dogs is a brush to comb their hair (daily or every other day).

The ideal is to use a Scratcher for this, because using a normal brush can be harmful to your little friend. In addition, it detangles, removes waste and dead hair, preventing tangles.

Many people are pet lovers , especially dogs. But, in addition to loving, it is important to always take care and attend to the needs of your little friend.

So, if you are planning to have a puppy, pay attention to what is necessary so that he can have a healthy and happy life.

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