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The Top 4 Health Concerns That College Students Face

The pinnacle of the academic life is arguably showcased when a student goes to college. It’s that point in his or her life when he or she gets to juggle a lot of responsibilities both in school and outside of school while maintaining a balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of his or her life. It is no easy task to cope up with a mountain of reports, research, and paperwork to be submitted every week, while at the same time, one has to deal with problems that may arise at home, socialize with other people, and do the everyday chores such as cooking and laundry.

Health issues are on the rise among university campuses and higher educational institutions. The pressure and stress of the academic requirements push students to do much more than the human body is designed at the expense of their health. These health concerns range from too much studying until the wee hours of the morning to doing vices such as smoking and drinking too much, and even to the point of depression and thoughts of suicide.

Here’s a rundown of the top 4 health concerns that college students face:


Mental well-being

Probably the most common and most important health concern is the state of a student’s mind. Most, if not all, college students at some point in their college life face episodes of mental breakdown due to the compounding stress. Stress is enormous and most certainly not a laughing matter. It can cause problems in the mental state leading to anxiety, depression, isolation, and social distancing. The worst scenario is, when everything becomes too overpowering, a student starts to entertain thoughts of self-harm and even suicide. A number of suicide cases and attempts have been attributed to a person in their college years, citing academic pressure as a probable cause.

Alcohol intake

To cope up with stress and pressure, some students opt to seek not a guidance counselor, nor a specialist nor spiritual adviser, but a drinking session with friends (or even alone). When students feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, he or she may resort to alcoholism in an attempt to forget and temporarily escape the college life. But alcoholism doesn’t come in vibrant colors- it comes with a dark, ugly side. It takes a toll in a student’s physical health. It has been attributed to causing lots of complications, including cancer, liver damage, heart disease, and gastroenteritis. A number of fatalities related to bar brawls and road accidents cite alcohol as a probable cause. Majority of near-misses in the road are caused by DUI (driving under the influence).

Sexually transmitted disease

With the amount of sexual activity among college students, and most of the time with no parents or guardians to stop them, the incidence rate of STDs will also be on the rise. It increases exponentially when students engage in multiple partners and doing the act unprotected.

Substance abuse

Aside from the existence of illegal drugs, there exist prescription drugs that claim they’ll help a student become smarter and increase grades. A student may tend to intake these “smart drugs” exceeding the maximum dosage. Drug overdose is never a good thing, and it will cause cardiovascular and neurological issues, and can even induce cardiac arrest and neurogenic shock.