Clogged ears can be caused by waxing, flying, or other causes. Fortunately, there are various treatments and home remedies to quickly unclog the ears.


What to do? Treatment and remedies for clogged ear

Wax Removal
Wax in the ear serves as a barrier to water, dust, bacteria and fungi. 
However, an excess of wax buildup causes:

  • Obstruction, pain and discomfort in the ear,
  • A slight  deafness .

Some of the options available for ear wax removal at home are listed below.

Use of wax softeners
To soften wax can be used:

  • The olive oil ,
  • Baby oil,
  • The mineral oil,
  • A glycerine.

There are also chemicals that cause wax softening, such as:

  • Hydrogen peroxide,
  • Carbamide peroxide.

The ear drops with these substances inside are in the pharmacy.

Cerumin is a well-known wax softening product. 
All you have to do is:

  • Laying aside,
  • Apply 3-4 drops of oil to the clogged ear using an appropriate applicator.
  • Wait a few minutes,
  • Tilt the head on the other side,
  • Rinse the ear after a little time to remove the dissolved wax and accumulated debris.

Precautions :

  • Do not ingest.
  • Avoid eye contact. If a few drops enter the eye, rinse immediately.
  • Do not spill ear drops:
  • If the drops cause symptoms like burning or pain, visit your doctor immediately.


Ear washing
Is a procedure used when:

  • There is a persistent accumulation of wax in the ears,
  • The simple softening and rinsing technique is not effective.

Hot water or sterile saline solution should be injected into the ear with a bulb syringe
At home, ear washing can be done with a specialized wax removal kit containing:

  • Softening substances,
  • A bulb syringe.

You must follow the simple procedure described in the kit. 
The first step involves softening the ear wax using the kit solution for the specified period of time. 
Then use the bulb syringe to rinse the ear.


Releasing the blockage 
Cold , sinusitis and allergy  can cause:

  • An accumulation of fluid in the middle ear,
  • An obstruction of the Eustachian tube.

This accumulation of fluid can cause other infections followed by an inflammationand a worsening of the block. 
Sinusitis can also cause headaches in the frontal area.

Some treatments and remedies for these situations are described below.

Steam inhalation for phlegm
Steam inhalation is the earliest known method for eliminating congestion:

  1. Nasal,
  2. From the ear.

Procedure :

  • Fill a bowl with hot water,
  • Put a towel on the head,
  • Inhale the steam.

This helps the movement of the catarrh that is blocking the sinuses and gives relief. 
In case of otitis media  and accumulation of pus, the vapor accelerates the drainage of pus and secretions.

The doctor may prescribe oral decongestants and / or nasal decongestant sprays to eliminate congestion in the sinuses . 
These reduce:

  • The production of catarrh ,
  • Congestion,
  • The discomfort in the nose and ears.

The doctor may recommend a mucolytic such as acetylcysteine ​​(Fluimucil).

In case of ear infection, antibiotic eye drops and oral medications may be used . 
These help control infection and drain pus.

When you suffer continuously from covered ear and these remedies do not provide relief, a micro-aspiration procedure can be performed. 
As the name implies, this involves removing wax from the ear, from the fluid or debris of the ear with a slight aspiration. 
This can be done:

  • At home using a commercially available kit ,
  • In a clinic where the specialist performs the procedure using a microscope and a specialized equipment for the aspiration.


Home Remedies to Unclog the Ear of the Wax Cap

Depending on the intensity of the plugged ear sensation, some home remedies may be used for treatment. 
It is important to know that the effect of each remedy may be different and none of these home remedies replaces the treatment that may be necessary for this situation.

Also do not try to treat this disorder through these remedies:

  • If it is very serious,
  • When you suffer from unbearable pain in your ears ,
  • When you see pus or blood from the ear.

In this case you should consult a specialist immediately.

For a slightly clogged ear, follow some of these remedies to unblock it:

Put a few drops of hot oil on the ear. 
It’s possible:

  • Soak a cotton swab in olive oil,
  • Wrap the cotton until it becomes long and narrow,
  • Put the cotton in the ear,
  • Wait for about ten-fifteen minutes.

If the wax buildup is the cause of ear congestion, the oil softens the wax and facilitates drainage. 
If the cause of the clogged ears is a closed nose because of a cold , the remedy consists of cleaning the sinuses.

Sometimes a simple yawn is the best medicine. 
Induce yawning and continue yawning until the situation improves.

Among the solutions you can put a warm wet towel on the affected ear, on the beach you can do the same thing with a hot stone . 
The heat generated by the towel softens the wax and helps in the removal. 
Gently remove the wax with a clean, warm towel, avoid cotton swabs as they could push the wax even further in.

The act of  swallowing is another very simple remedy to treat the irritation due to the plugged ear.

For the wax cap on the ear and swimmer’s ear ( otitis externa ), use a solution with a drop of isopropyl alcohol and a drop of apple cider vinegar. 
Pour the solution into the ear. 
This medicine is used for:

  • Dry the ear canal because it contains alcohol that evaporates with low temperatures,
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause otitis , Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties.

In the case of otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear ), it is important to release the stuffy nose and throat from excess mucus . 
For this you can do:

  • Nose wash,
  • Fumigation (steam inhalation) with water and bicarbonate .

Nose cleaning:

  • Tilt the head on one side and pour salty water into the upper nostril,
  • The water flows through the nasal cavities and leaves the lower nostril.

This clears the “air filter” of the body.


Some bans on clogged ears


  • Avoid unnecessary removal of earwax .
  • Use the swab just to clean the outer ear. Do not try to insert the swab deepor hard into the ear. 
    This action pushes the wax against the eardrum instead of aiding removal.
  • Avoid using the  wax cones . 
    There is substantial evidence that it is effective and there is a risk of burns and damage to the ear, the face or the hair.
  • Do not use washing and micro-aspiration procedures in the case of a  perforated eardrum or an ear injury. 
    It is better to listen to a medical opinion before resorting to these methods.
  • In case of accidental insertion of a  foreign body into the ear , do not try to remove these objects at home. 
    These attempts can push the foreign body deeper into the ear. 
    Even if the person can remove the object, there is a risk of injury.
  • When the patient undergoes an ear surgery, do not ignore the minor signs such as earache and clogging. Use only the medicines recommended by your doctor.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ear Water

Shake the ear
Fold the head on one side, put the little finger in the ear and turn. This allows the excess water to escape. Repeat the same thing on the other ear.

Bend your head and skip
This is one of the effective remedies for water in the ear. 
Many people use this remedy after a swim:

  • In the pool,
  • Do not go

Stand on your right leg and bend your head on the right side. Jump eight times. Gravity and leap push the water out of the ear. Similarly, repeat on the left side.

bulb The suction bulb can be purchased at any pharmacy. 
These suction bulbs are generally used in:

  • Newborns,
  • Children.

However, they can also help eliminate water from the ears. 
Tilt the head on one side and the same side you need:

  • Insert the bulb,
  • Inhale the water.

Do not insert the bulb tip too deeply.

Hair dryer
Pick up a hair dryer and regular with the lowest temperature. Check the warmth of the air in the wrist. Hold the hair dryer at arm’s length and blow on the affected ear for 30 seconds.

Rubbing alcohol
Rubbing a tissue soaked in alcohol inside the affected ear can help. Alcohol causes water to evaporate in the ear and kills the germs that cause the infection.

Put two drops of vinegar on the affected ear. Repeat this remedy every two hours until the ears are better.

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