Carbohydrate-rich foods: what to eat and what to avoid?

The carbohydrates are essential to maintain the proper functioning of the body. Its consumption must be balanced and associated with other healthy habits and adequate choices that meet the nutritional needs of each person.

Below you will find a list of foods that are generally part of the consumption habits of Brazilians and their respective amounts of carbohydrates.

15 good carbohydrate foods

For those who want to lose weight or decrease their appetite, the ideal is to prefer foods with complex carbohydrate chains . That is, the good ones.

In addition to having a low glycemic index, they usually have higher amounts of fiber, which make digestion slower and also contribute to the improvement of intestinal transit. Check out some options:

  1. Black beans : 63g (every 100g);
  2. Oats : 56.5g (every 100g);
  3. Chickpeas : 30g (every 100g);
  4. Sweet potatoes : 20g (every 100g);
  5. Lentils : 20g (every 100g);
  6. Apple : 19g (every 100g);
  7. Peanuts : 16g (every 100g);
  8. Wholemeal bread : 12.3g (per slice);
  9. Skimmed natural yogurt : 8g (every 100g);
  10. Broccoli : 7g (every 100g);
  11. Cabbage : 6g (every 100g);
  12. Eggplant : 6g (every 100g);
  13. Raw carrots : 5.84g (every 100g);
  14. Tomate: 4g (a cada 100g);
  15. Asparagus : 3.9g (every 100g).

It is important to remember that the processing of carbohydrates depends not only on the amount of carbohydrates, but also on the glycemic index, that is, how fast this sugar will reach the bloodstream.

Some foods have small levels of the nutrient, but are quickly synthesized because they are a source of simple carbohydrates, along with low amounts of fiber or protein .

Others, even if they have higher rates, such as whole grains, gradually provide energy to the organism, and should be inserted in the diet, such as sweet potatoes .

8 bad carbohydrate foods

Foods high in sugar, with a simpler chain of carbohydrates, are processed quickly and are therefore considered bad.

When eating a bad carbohydrate, the tendency is for it to be degraded and reach the bloodstream quickly, raising the blood glucose level. At that time, the body releases higher insulin rates to control peak blood glucose. The tendency is for blood glucose to continue to fall and the body to feel hungry more briefly as a warning sign.

  1. Soft drinks and industrialized juices : approximately 50g (every 350mL);
  2. White rice : 28g (every 100g);
  3. Potato chips : 41g (every 100g);
  4. Biscuit water and salt : 5g (per unit);
  5. Stuffed cookie: 12g (per unit);
  6. Industrialized cakes (Ana Maria type) : 27g (per 50g unit);
  7. French bread : 28g (per unit);
  8. Loaf of bread : 14g (per slice).

Not all simple carbohydrates are bad . For example, fruits have fructose, which is a simple carbohydrate. However, they are natural foods, rich in vitamins and containing high amounts of fibers present in the skin or bagasse, generally.

Therefore, they are indicated as beneficial to the body.

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6 foods that don’t look like but have a lot of carbohydrates

Some foods may have high carbohydrate levels and are often unknown to consumers.

Misinformation occurs because, in general, it is known that carbohydrate is found in flours and sweet foods.

But several products, especially industrialized ones, can have very high values ​​of the nutrient. For example:

  1. Salad dressings : in addition, the product is rich in sodium and preservatives, which can be harmful to health;
  2. Special coffees: pure coffee is a low carbohydrate food, but the special versions (with chocolates and whipped cream) or ready-to-prepare powders generally have high levels of carbohydrates and calories;
  3. Yogurts : although the natural versions are quite healthy, if the yogurt has syrups or toppings, the amount of carbohydrates tends to be very high;
  4. Prepared meats : the meat itself is low in carbohydrates, but the way of preparing it can give a high rise in that rate. Spices, sauces and breaded versions may be responsible for increasing CHO rates;
  5. Soy meat : although soy is a grain rich in vitamins, unlike animal meat, it has high levels of carbohydrates;
  6. Seeds and nuts : even though they are rich in fiber and quite common in diets, the seeds have high levels of carbohydrates. Despite this, they are still beneficial foods to the diet, if consumed moderately.

It is necessary to remember that carbohydrates are necessary for the organism and that their adequate consumption is indispensable for the proper functioning of organic functions.

Not all foods with high levels of the nutrient should be avoided, as is the case with seeds and nuts, which can provide good sources of vitamins and nutrients.

These foods have low glycemic indexes and high amounts of fiber, causing carbohydrates to be released gradually into the blood and making excellent nutritional sources.

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