New therapy for breast cancer reduces mortality rate

The breast cancer is the type of quite common among women ‘s disease, though it can also affect men. Now, patients have a new expectation of therapy.

According to a recent survey, published in the New England Journal of Medicine , a new drug has shown promise for treating triple-negative breast cancer .

It is sacituzumab govitecan , a medication based on antibodies and drugs used in chemotherapy, which may be an option for patients at this stage of the disease.

This type of cancer tends to be more dangerous because it has the characteristic of accelerating the growth of cancer cells, causing treatments to be ineffective to intervene in the growth of the tumor.

As a result, life expectancy is greatly reduced, and over 20 years, patients lived for only about 1 year after diagnosis.

The drug, which is being developed in studies, has the potential to lower the risk to healthy cells.

It is still in the testing phase 2, which means that the effects are still being analyzed, the drug is already seen as an option to prolong the life of patients with triple-negative breast cancer, considered one of the most aggressive in the body. .

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The study

In a total of 108 women with this subtype of the disease, all received the drug intravenously, a method that consists of injecting the drug into the veins through a needle or catheter.

From then on, the results have already been shown to be positive when compared to other treatments used for the treatment of breast cancer, being able to prolong the lives of patients.

The final result showed about 50% had a positive effect, including a delay in the progression of cancer for up to 5 months compared to the 2.5 months average of the other treatments.

The other side of treatment

The drug is not yet available and has caused side effects, such as nausea and a drop in white blood cell levels, but, according to the study authors, these symptoms can be controlled.

It is still necessary to wait for the results that are in progress and that will serve to compare the drug with other treatments of triple-negative breast cancer.

But it is already a positive aspect to consider, since the treatments for this type of disease are very limited.

New drugs and therapeutic options have raised expectations for patients dealing with the disease.