About 5.6 million Brazilians do not go to the gynecologist

Going to the gynecologist seems to be something simpler for women today, but the reality is still different.

The regularity of visits to the health professional is important for the patient to have help with prevention and an early diagnosis of diseases.

However, there are still many women who do not go to the doctor. Or even more serious, some have never been and have no information about the health of their reproductive system.

Data that reinforce this information come from a new survey carried out by the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations (Febrasgo), together with Datafolha.

Why do women run away from the office?

The survey, carried out by the sampling method, interviewed 1,089 women over 16 years old and from different social classes across Brazil. According to the report, about 5.6 million Brazilians do not go to the gynecologist.

However, the number still increases if added with those who have never seen the doctor and with those who do not consult regularly.

Among the causes pointed out for these casualties are: shame, living in distant areas of a health unit, feeling healthy and finding it necessary to consult only if there are symptoms.

The specialist can be consulted by the Unified Health System (SUS). Despite the fact that, in some regions, the demand is high (taking a long time for vacancies to appear), of all women who have already been to the gynecologist, 58% had access through the public system.

But the problem is that, usually, the search for the doctor is also often late.

On average, going to the gynecologist happens at age 20 and the reasons are usually some problem or change in the body, suspected pregnancy and disease prevention.

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On the other hand, the survey also revealed a positive point: 9 out of 10 Brazilian women usually go to the gynecologist. Most of those who visit the specialist on a regular basis have private assistance or health plans.

The importance of going to the gynecologist

It is extremely important that women go to the doctor at least once a year to prevent illnesses, infections and doubts about their sex life.

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The first trip shouldn’t take long. It is recommended to go during the puberty phase, as it is possible to monitor the development of the organism and answer questions such as the beginning of the use of contraceptives and sexual health, for example.

All of this information must be clarified with the gynecologist, who is there to not make the patient embarrassed and to ensure the patient’s safety and tranquility.

Performing examinations, counseling, giving confidence and providing clear information to patients are some of the roles of obstetrician-gynecologists in women’s lives.

So be sure to visit your doctor, it is essential for your confidence.