4 Ideas for The Best Baby Shower

Baby showers are a time of making merry and supporting the mother-to-be as she finally prepares to welcome her newborn baby. Traditionally, it has long been a women’s thing, and in most cases, the activities done are usually cliche. Consequently, it would be nice if you are planning a baby shower; you think outside the box and come up with crazy, never before seen ideas.

For a start, here are four unique baby shower decoration ideas.


Gift Orientated Decorations

Most times, the baby shower decoration ideas are centered on dressing or the event’s décor. However, you can try to center your decorations based on gifts. Instead of guests bringing different baby gifts, you can opt to settle on one or two main gifts and center your decoration based on them. 

For instance, if the main gift is diapers, then the theme color should be based on the colors of the selected diapers. Another good idea is to have a book-themed decor where guests bring signed books for the baby. Other potential gifts that can help you develop exciting baby shower decoration ideas include baby toys and baby clothing. Finally, you need not forget to create a special corner where all guests will be dropping their baby shower gifts as they arrive.

Baby Shower Fun Games

Baby showers should be fun, and one way to make it fun is by incorporating an exciting game. The good part about it is that you can develop most games into one that can be used for a baby shower. 

Common ones include guessing the baby’s name, treasure hunt, snakes and ladders, and bingo. You can try out others, such as Blindfolded Spoon-Feeding, Baby Food Connoisseur, Blind Blocking, Spin The Bottle, and Baby Sitter. Try designing different games that can be played and enjoyed concurrently to ensure the guests have an excellent time.

Baby Gender Decoration Theme

The theme you opt to select can be guided by the gender of the baby. If it is a girl, then pink or other feminine color themes are appropriate. If it is a boy, blue or any other masculine color is recommended. 

Though blue and pink are the traditional baby shower, you can opt to try out different colors. A neutral theme will be perfect if the gender is not known yet. However, you can also go with non-gender-related themes such as cartoons, nautical, and nature. Noteworthy is to ensure that the themes are lively and that they complement all the other decorations pieces.

Hanging Decorations

Finally, for your last exciting baby shower decoration idea, you can opt to use balloons as hanging decorations. However, they have become a cliche of sorts. Thus, you can opt for better and more creative alternatives. 

A perfect option can be the hanging garlands that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can choose to buy ready-made ones from the shops or make them by yourself. You can also use photos to make your garlands where you put the mother’s photos to capture her best moments, including her pregnancy moments. Overall, you can mix everything up with a few pieces of balloons of different colors.