BCG vaccine is effective even in children without scarring, says WHO

The BCG vaccine, used to prevent tuberculosis disease , is among the free immunizations available in the Unified Health System that are recommended in the national vaccination calendar.

The first contact we have with this vaccine is still in childhood, because according to the World Health Organization (WHO) it is advised that after birth or on the first visit to the health post, babies are already vaccinated against the disease.

After the “ant prick” – as doctors traditionally call injectable vaccines, a way to alleviate children’s fear – it is common for that scar to appear on the arm, where it is applied.

But in some cases the vaccine may not leave a mark, and this may raise questions for parents. Did immunization really have an effect?

In response to the problem, WHO, together with the Technical Advisory Committee on Immunizations (CTAI), issued a new recommendation after a study.

According to the entities, the absence of the vaccine scar does not mean that the child is unprotected . The study reported that the vaccine’s effectiveness was proven even in children who took the dose and did not get the brand.

As a result, children who took the immunological before and did not have a scar, do not need to take the dose again and are immune to tuberculosis.

But, beware, children who have not yet gone through the immunization process need to go to a vaccination post, SUS or private network, to receive the dose.

However, if you are already an adult and do not know if you received the tuberculosis vaccine as a child, it is important that you see a doctor or health center.

It may be necessary to perform the PPD test (also known as Mantoux), able to identify whether the person has been vaccinated or not.

It is common for fake news about vaccines to appear on social networks, so it is important to be aware of what is true or not so as not to spread this type of content that can compromise lives.