Orthosis for hallux valgus

The orthosis for hallux valgus applies a delicate elongation to relieve the deforming forces on the big toe. 
The strap with the strap aligns the big toe at rest or with shoes.


The mitral valgus orthosis is designed to correctly align the big toe, applying the correction in three directions: out, up and down. 
This orthosis applies a gentle pull to stabilize the toe and relieve pain by rubbing on the onion (external protrusion). 
The soft foam rubber strips are thin enough to be worn with shoes. 
The removable bracket can be added as an additional stand to straighten the big toe during the day and at night while you are asleep. 
The orthosis can be washed by hand or machine. 
It is composed of latex. 

Attention: Those who have diabetes or have circulation problems should talk to their doctor about

this bracing to see if it is suitable for your clinical condition.

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