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Top 3 Latest Trends in aesthetic laser treatments

So many people nowadays turn to laser treatments to improve their physical appearance. Whether it’s brightening dark body parts, melting stubborn fats, or eliminating their acne problems, aesthetic laser treatments offer a fast and reliable way to get rid of these flaws. It’s no surprise why a lot of people are interested in trying out laser procedures. Despite its usually hefty price tag, there’s no denying it’s one of the most effective ways to make yourself look more beautiful.

Know that laser treatments come in different types. You probably know laser as that tiny red dot your professor uses to point to his slides during lecture. That’s right, and depending on the frequency and the equipment used to emit radiation, laser light can be used to penetrate the skin to even out discoloration, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and so much more. To know more about laser treatments, here are the top 3 latest aesthetic trends you should know about:

V-Beam for Acne laser treatment

V-Beam is type of pulse dye laser. This means that laser energy is delivered in pulses, and laser beams of various colors are produced using a dye. It’s also called a vascular laser and it used to treat rosacea, a common skin disease where blood vessels are dilated causing extreme redness and flushing.


This treatment has been used for several years to treat severe acne breakouts and is still one of the best acne treatments today. It can also help in tightening pores, reducing oil production, and minimizing depressed acne scars. The v-beam laser also reduces the P. acnes bacteria that’s responsible for the severe flushing and redness patients experience.

Diode laser hair removal

There are many laser hair removal tools out there that promise great results. Some treatments can be done inside a clinic, and some treatments can be done at home with the use of a self-operated machine. Diode laser uses a kind of semiconductor technology that produces light in the infrared range. This makes it a suitable, safe, and effective way for removing hair in all areas of the body such as your underarms and legs.

Laser liposuction fat treatment

Laser lipolysis treatments will never grow old when it comes to removing unwanted fats. Through the years, laser lipo techniques have evolved and improved, helping their patients keep the weight off easier, recover faster, and also help tighten the skin. Laser lipo, or laser lipolysis, uses heat from fiber-optic lasers to melt body fat. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that liquifies your fats from areas that needed to be reshaped or resculpted. This treatment also boosts the production of protein collagen which is responsible for making the skin more taut.

Know that laser lipolysis and traditional liposuction are different. Liposuction involves sucking out your fats and draining them through a tube routed through an incision on your skin. Best results are often made by a combination of these two techniques. After the fat has been melted, it can be sucked out after. It could be a concern for those who are worried about sagging skin, but with ample preparation and the help of new technology, loose and sagging skin is becoming less and less of an issue with liposuction patients.