Almost every muscle can be spasmed, even involuntary ( smooth ) ones that allow the internal organs to function.

Upper abdominal cramps are felt at the stomach level , while those below may come from the intestines or reproductive organs such as the uterus.


Treatment for abdominal cramps

There are several effective ways to reduce or eliminate the pain of abdominal cramps. 
If possible, avoid foods and beverages that cause discomfort to reduce the effects of stress on digestion.


Natural Remedies  For Abdominal Cramps

  • To relieve the pain, many people report that lying down and resting are very helpful.
  • Applying heat such as a hot water bag increases circulation in the abdomen and relaxes contracted muscles.
  • Drinking caffeine-free tea , acupuncture and other treatments can be very effective.


Diet and nutrition for abdominal cramps

A natural diet can cure almost all causes of abdominal cramps, except for medical emergencies, such as appendicitis that progresses to peritonitis . 
Many people think that drugs are necessary to heal. 
In fact, the drugs can be toxic. They can temporarily reduce symptoms but affect the body’s self-healing systems. 
If the body uses too little energy for digestion, it can focus on eliminating harmful toxins and microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) that cause the disease. 
Fasting (maximum of 3 days) is definitely the fastest treatment if there are no contraindications. 
For more than three days of fasting medical supervision serves.
There are two types of feeding that have given excellent results in patients:

1) Blood type diet – it is based on proteins, there are authorized foods and others to be avoided according to the type of blood. 
For example, people in group 0  can eat meat, fish and eggs, etc., but have to reduce or eliminate grains, fruits and lentils. 
An individual of group A can develop diseases if he eats red meat, pistachios, etc. 
The group B has fewer limitations, but tomatoes can cause significant symptoms. 
An AB blood group person can not eat butter, shellfish and corn because the immune system can cause disease.

2) Vegan diet with at least 50% raw food . In this type of food, you have to eat mostly vegetables, juicy fruits or nuts and seeds. Potatoes and vegetables are allowed, but not overdone. 
It is advisable to avoid the grains that favor many diseases: anemia , hemorrhoids , diabetes , etc. 
Raw foods contain vitamins and digestive enzymes, but cooking destroys these substances. 
The food of plant origin is digested quickly, so it does not cause putrefaction and fermentation in the digestive tract.

Many people think that whole grains (pasta, rice, bread, etc.) are useful foods. 
In fact, bran and other foods rich in fiber prevent the absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. 
The food fiber contained in cereals itches and cuts the internal intestinal wall and causes bleeding. Under the microscope you can see the thorns. 
Cereal fiber reduces the absorption of minerals, is a mechanical obstacle, binds to iron with its insoluble salts, therefore does not allow the absorption of minerals.

The fiber of the fruit is softer than that of cereals and bran, so it swells in the intestine and does not cut, but promotes peristalsis.

The correct food combinations allow you to digest quickly, so do not putrefaction and intestinal fermentation that produce substances that are harmful and toxic to the body. 
For example, the body produces highly acidic gastric juices to digest proteins, but these juices do not allow metabolizing carbohydrates that need a slightly acidic environment.


Drugs for abdominal cramps

The doctor may recommend buscopan ®  which is a focused, safe, effective and well tolerated antispasmodic for abdominal cramps, pain and discomfort.

Abdominal cramps that are a symptom of another illness (for example, a digestive disorder, bloating or a viral infection ) can heal on their own when the problem is resolved. 
Some mild abdominal cramps may pass even within a few hours or days. 
If abdominal cramps persist, an analgesic drug may help. 
People with abdominal cramps should avoid:

These medicines can irritate the stomach. 
Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is a milder analgesic drug that creates fewer long-term consequences. 
Healthy people can take up to 4,000 mg of acetaminophen daily. 
It is necessary to talk to your doctor before taking any analgesic medication and update it on the frequency and duration of administration.

Medications for the stomach
If the cause of abdominal cramps is gastroesophageal reflux . 
Your doctor may recommend antacids such as Maalox.

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