15 weeks of gestation: See if the mother feels the baby move

The 15th week of pregnancy is when 100 days of pregnancy are completed. This phase is marked by important developments for the baby, such as sensitivity to light and the ability to articulate.

This week, the baby is at the beginning of the development of his sexual organ. Soon, it will be possible to find out your sex on ultrasound, depending on the position it is in the uterus.

It is also at this point that the pregnant woman’s belly starts to get bigger, with the growth of the baby’s bones and the beginning of fat gain.

Check below for more information about what happens in the 15th week of pregnancy.

15 weeks of gestation is how many months?

The 15th week is part of the 4th month of pregnancy . It is the month that marks the beginning of the second quarter.

Despite being the phase where there is the greatest increase in the size of the baby and, consequently, in the belly, this period is usually less difficult for the mother than the first trimester.

Nausea, which used to be common, tends to decrease and changes in the pregnant woman’s body are becoming more evident.

What are the symptoms at 15 weeks of gestation?

At 15 weeks of gestation, the baby is about 50g. It is from this week that the pace of growth increases and that weight gets bigger and faster.

As a result, the belly grows and it can start to be difficult to find comfortable sleeping positions. In addition, with the increase in volume of the uterus, the pressure exerted on the bladder is greater and small releases of urine may occur.

It can also increase edema (swelling) in the hands, feet and ankles. They are caused by increased blood circulation and the pressure exerted by the growing uterus in the pelvic veins.

With this, during the adaptation of the woman’s body to the baby’s growth, some pains may appear in the pelvis, in the side of the belly and in the back.

Some light exercises can be done to relieve these symptoms, such as walking, swimming or yoga.

Is the baby moving yet? How is the development?

YEAH ! The baby already has its joints developed and has a lot of space to move around. At 15 weeks of gestation he is already moving, but it is still difficult to perceive his movements accurately, due to his size.

It is in this week that the child’s scalp begins to take shape. This stage is also marked by the growth of lanugo – by the soft and ultrathin ones – throughout the baby’s body, protecting it from amniotic fluid. After birth, these hairs fall out and the growth of the definitive ones begins.

In the 15th week of gestation, the baby’s fingertips already take shape. In addition, the little one begins to suck his fingers, especially his thumb.

Your skin is a thin layer, through which you can see the blood vessels already in operation.

In addition, in this week of pregnancy, the baby already begins to develop vision. He still doesn’t open his eyes, but he is already able to perceive the light.